When you know you want change (but you're not making it happen)

Stephan Fowler : Coaching

Coaching is thinking together, about you. I work on the basis that greater self-awareness can lead to the discovery of your will to change, and that my role is to catalyse this. I am directive about the process, so that our work together orients towards outcomes that are meaningful and realisable.

More about me and my approach

I focus on these areas:

Clients say...

"Stephan creates a calm and safe space... I came away from each conversation feeling lighter and more positive."
Maddie, Google review

"…enormously helpful in both directing me towards longer term goals, but crucially in how I navigate my daily working life…"
Paddy, Google review

"...his advice and perspective have been incredibly helpful, helping me step back and reframe things more positively..."
Charles, Google review

"…a knack of helping me come to mini-epiphanies and a way of leaving me feeling lighter, more optimistic and ready to make changes…"
Ben, Google review

Change happens when you become what you are. Not when you try to become what you're not. 

Why coaching?

Equality & Empowerment. Coaching rejects external ideas of right or wrong, in favour of a positive inner evaluation of your self, your autonomy, and your self-expertise. 

Awareness & Responsibility. Change emerges as a function of your awareness of yourself plus your responsibility toward yourself. These are aspects unique to you that coaching explores in depth, and challenges you to reconsider and to act upon. 

Goals & directions. Coaching starts from the idea that you should orientate towards choices and behaviours that are in harmony with your values. It helps makes sure that your direction is meaningful to you, a path towards an idea of yourself that you are enthused about pursuing.

What's the outcome?

Coaching is a partnership that helps you navigate your dilemmas. It's collaborative, and empathic towards you and the specificity of your world. 

Coaching aims to help you...

Coaching clarifies what change is actually right for you. It explores what you find valuable and meaningful, your hesitations, and your efficacy. 

Fundamentally, it supports you in resolving ambivalence and stuckness, tipping the balance by developing your agency, innate motivation, and ultimate responsibility for your choices. 

Next steps...

Ambivalence is normal, it's a stage on your journey towards change. Just make sure you don't get stuck there.